Ohrknacker (Ear Cracker) is a series of Trio Catch concerts in Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg, sponsored by Elbkulturfonds. Here, the audience’s ears are opened to new sounds, the like of which they have never heard before, with no age limits, and no need for prior musical knowledge.

You can find more information on Ohrknacker here.

New CD

Trio Catch’s second album "Sanh" is out now on col legno!



17.12.2017Hamburg, Bürgerhaus WilhelmsburgOhrknacker Nr. 8. "Drei Aquarelle" (WP) by Marton Illés. With Susanne Zapf, violin
20.12.2017radio broadcast / NDR Kultur9.10 PM. Lachenmann, Pesson, Adès
08.-21.01.2018Berlin, Wissenschaftskollegartistic residency
19.01.2018Berlin, Ultraschall FestivalPesson, Meierhans, Schüttler, Ivicevic, Mundry (WP)
03.02.2018Stuttgart, Eclat FestivalBorowski (WP), Glojnaric (WP)

next premiere

"Drei Aquarelle" for violin, cello, clarinet and piano by Marton Illés, on december 17 at Bürgerhaus Wilhemsburg, Hamburg.

„…tonal brilliance, creative intelligence and irresistible charisma...“

Helmut Lachenmann