Schweizer Musikzeitung

"Boglarka Pecze (clarinet), Eva Boesch (cello) and Sun-Young Nam (piano) have reached a phenomenal standard within just a few years (…)."

28.4.2016 Torsten Möller

Fono Forum

"Trio Catch are one of the most interesting chamber music ensembles of recent years. They understand listening as a principally open experience, beyond the common disgruntlement of restrained audiences."

February 2016 Dirk Wieschollek

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

"In Between is the first CD by the three women. In fact, it has immediately become a “reference recording”—not only because of its rarity in terms of line-up, but also because of the interpretative quality, which one can confidently describe as exceptional and extremely varied."

January 2015 Torsten Möller

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“...a musical revelation...”

16.6.2014  Christian Wildhagen

Fono Forum

“direct intensity through the joy of playing, energy and precision”

10/2014  Dirk Wieschollek

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

„Exquisite for instance Rajzok III by Márton Illés, in an outstanding performance by the three ladies of Trio Catch“

04/2013 Alfred Zimmerlin

Der Tagesspiegel

„ ...a captivating presence at maximum level...“

29.1.2013  Barbara Eckle


"No matter through which musical landscape the trio moves, the concentrated energy of the three women is always channelled intelligently und sensitively."

"This alert way of making music speaks of a motivation and a spirit of adventure that is contagious and cries out for more."

12/2014 Barbara Eckle


"The poetry of contemporary music

(...) with its unfamiliar sounds and even noises, the record becomes an “expedition to the margins”, as the liner notes call it, and the sensitivity with which the three musicians enrich the sometimes unwieldy music is quite astonishing. The pieces may be stringent and brutal in places, but the tender moments are fashioned so clearly that the whole thing is continually lit up with poetry."

16.11.2014 Remy Franck

Österreichische Musikzeitung

"This trio expresses the certainty of conveying a message in every single note and each respective harmony  (...) "

5/2015 ÖMZ

Kölnische Rundschau

“the most exquisite chamber music, at the highest technical level”

28.6.2014  Johannes Zink

Helmut Lachenmann

„I count this trio among the leading chamber music ensembles of it's generation because of their sensitivity for sound in combination with a high evocative power“

Mark Andre

„Doué d’une remarquable sensibilité, d’un formidable jeu d’ensemble, et grâce à la force de leur interprétation, le Trio Catch est pour moi un des ensembles de musique de chambre les plus en vue du moment“

Georges Aperghis

„ ...supreme commitment down to the last detail... „